Professor Forman

Decision Driven Data and Impeachment

Decision driven data refers to data or the interpretation of information that supports a decision that has already been made or is about to be made. Republican Senators, by in large, cite decision driven data when first they decide to vote innocent for the impeachment of President Trump, and then cite or select data or interpret information that supports their predetermined decision and ignore data that does not support their predetermined decision.

A rational decision is based on the achievement of objectives. Were any objectives articulated or cited by Republican Senators in supporting their predetermined conclusion of innocence in the 2019-2020 impeachment of President Trump? If not, then we cannot say they are deciding rationally.

That isn’t to say each Senator was not, internally rational, with objectives such as the strength of the economy, getting re-elected and maintaining control of the Senate. But they could not or would not divulge such objectives so that their constituencies could see that their decision was rational based on the objectives that their constituencies felt were reasonable.

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