GWUProfessor Ernest Forman

Graduate Student Decision and Resource Allocation Projects:
Selecting a Drug Testing Supplier for Alcoa’s US Operations
High Priority Staffing Decision
Choosing the Right Level of Project Management for Small Projects
Work Place Improvement Projects
Health and Safety Training for the Kensington Company
Allocation of Engineering Resources RF Front End Modules R&D
Bowers School Renovations
Mount Vernon School District Facilities Plan
Allocating Projects for Projects Management Office
Lei Garden Restaurant
The George Washington University Hospital Capital Investment for 2006
Optimize Use of Limited In-house Development Staff
Coast Guard Facility Requirements
Determining the Level of Security to provide at The George Washington University Hospital
The Best Computer for the Illinois Dept. of Public Aid
What ERP Integrator should Valley Services select?
Selecting The Best Telecommunication Switchgear for FAA Air Traffic Control Centers
Flight Security
Mandatory School Uniform Policy in DC Public Schools
Optimizing Raw Material Choices for a Recycled Paper Mill
Ranking the National Cardiovascular Data Registry’s Contracted Vendors
Navy Air Start Unit
Distribution of Hotspot Initiative Monies to Reduce Crime in Prince George's Co.
Determining the Best GSA Public Building Service Construction Alteration Projects to Fund
Resource Allocation for Naval Aviation Common Ground Equipment
The Gap
UUNET Resource Allocation
Organic Workload Funding
U.S. Army Resource Allocation
U.S. Army Weapon Selection
Circulation Modeling
Technology Selection for Crystal Island Creations

Resource Allocation for Hawthorne Valley Farm

Choosing the Best Healthcare Plan for Newbridge Networks

Select The Most Important Activities For Improvement Of Project Management For IBM
Choosing an ERP Integrator for Valley Services

Best Alternative to Alleviate Anthrax Fears at Ernst & Young

Expanding Mendota Plant's Press Capacity
Optimizing Choices of Data Mapping Software

GLC Linux Development Funding Allocations

Distribution of U.S. DOT/FTA Budget for the Capital Project Management Oversight Program

IBM Global Services Education Budget and Course Allocation


Graduate Student Hypothetical Project Portfolio Management Cases
Campus Revitalization Project Portfolio
World Bank Hypothetical Project Portfolio