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Data Analysis and Decisions

School of Business, The George Washington University

MBAD 6222

Spring 2015 Module II (March  - May 2015)

Virtual Meeting Day of Week: Thursday

Blackboard Collaborate Sessions Mondays 9PM EST following each class but may vary depending on student needs and availability

Professor  Ernest Forman

Title:  Professor of Decision Sciences                  

Phone number: 571-969-5255 or 202-994-6206

Office Hours: By appointment

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Prerequisites: MBAD 6221

Course Description:

Statistical analysis -- how it is used, when it should be used, and what can be learned from it. Statistical inference, hypothesis testing, and regression analysis.


Course Objectives:

 To enable students to understand classical statistical methods in dealing with uncertainty and in making statistical decisions.


Required Texts:
 JMP Start Statistics by Sall, Creighton and Lehman, (Fifth Edition), 2012
ISBN-10 1612902049
ISBN-13 9781612902043



Technology Requirements:


Blackboard Collaborate Sessions
JMP Software (Will be provided)

***Computer with Microphone and Headphone for Blackboard Collaborate sessions


Course Calendar: (Thursdays are 'virtual' class dates on which notes etc. are released)

Blackboard Collaborate Sessions will be Monday's at 9 PM EST

1 3/19
Introduction to Statistics

Three levels of uncertainty

Probability distributions and parameters

Levels of Measurement

Forman's Stat Notes: Week 1 in Files section of Blackboard

Sall, Creighton, Lehman (SCL) JMP Start Statistics:

Chapter 5

Chapters 1-4 (Light on Chapter 4 for now).

2 3/26
Probability Distributions and Summary Statistics. Central Limit Theorem; Confidence Intervals and Test of Hypothesis

SCL  Chapters 6, 7

Forman's Stat Notes: Week 2

3 4/2
Testing  Differences Between Means

Decision Making Background

SCL Chapters 8 and 9

Forman's Stat Notes Week 3

4 4/9
Simple and Multiple Regression

SCL Chapters 10 and 13

Forman's Stat Notes Week 4

5 4/16
Categorical Models /Contingency Tables

SCL Chapter 12 (parts  -- see notes)

Forman's Stat Notes Week 5

6 4/23
General Linear Model

SCL : Read those parts of Chapter 14 – Fitting Linear Models  -- only parts that are discussed in Forman's Week 6 notes.

Forman's Stat Notes Week 6.


7 Final Exam 4/30




Grading Policy:




450 - 500


90 - 100

425 - 449


85 - 89

400 - 424


80 - 84

375 - 399


75 - 79

350 - 374


70 - 74

325 - 349


65 - 69

300 - 324


60 - 64

250 - 299


50 - 59



Deliverables Calendar:




Due Date

Weekly problems from SCL

60 points x 5 assignments =300 points

Tuesday following class


100 points

Via Blackboard during Week 4
to cover material for Classes 1,2 and 3.

Final exam

100 points

Via Blackboard any day from 4/30 - 5/6

















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