GWUProfessor Ernest Forman

Professor Ernest Forman, D.Sc.

Department of Decision Sciences
School of Business
The George Washington University
Washington D.C.


Experience and Interests:
Ernest Forman is a Professor of Decision Sciences at The George Washington University's School of Business.  He has extensive experience with executive decision-making methodologies, resource allocation, project portfolio management, risk analysis and risk management, operations management and statistics.   He received one of the first United States patents issued for computer software and designed Expert Choice, a computerized implementation of the Analytic Hierarchy Process, which is now used extensively throughout the United States as well as in Canada, South and Central America, Europe, the Middle East, and the Far East.  Applications include a wide range of government and business decisions involving tradeoffs among conflicting objectives, some quantitative, some qualitative.  Examples of such problems include government policy, allocation of R&D funds, cost/benefit analysis, employee evaluation, setting corporate priorities, group decision-making, conflict resolution and strategic planning.  Dr. Forman is currently involved doing R&D for risk assessment and management and has designed an application called Riskion, which he believes is the first and only tool for risk assessment that is both comprehensive and mathematically meaningful.

Dr. Forman's expertise is widely recognized and he is frequently consulted by organizations such as IBM, MERCK, John Deere, Ford, AOL, NIST, Boeing, GAO, IRS, NASA, CIA, DoD, state, and local governments.

Dr. Forman holds seven U.S. Patents and two patents pending and is currently working on two new patents related to risk analysis and decision-making.

Dr. Forman has authored Decision by Objectives, and has co-authored An Analytic Framework for Marketing Decisions, The Hierarchon - A Dictionary of Hierarchies, and Advances in Telematics.   He is engaged in research, development and writing about the theory of measurement, risk analysis and management, evaluation and choice; corporate and public sector applications of decision analysis; strategic planning; resource allocation; conflict resolution and project portfolio management.

Prior to joining the faculty of George Washington University, Dr. Forman was a member of the technical staff of the MITRE Corporation, where he conducted seminal research and development of a distributed data base system and evaluated remote utilization of a variety of unique computer resources on the experimental ARPA computer network (forerunner of the INTERNET). ARPANET            ARPANET Demonstration

Other research areas at MITRE included computer performance evaluation, computer security, source data automation, and data base management systems.

Dr. Forman was a Lieutenant in the United States Navy and was selected by Admiral Rickover to serve at the U.S. Naval Nuclear Power School, where he taught mathematics and electrical engineering.

Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering from the University of Rochester,
Master of Science in Management Science from Johns Hopkins University, Doctor of Science in Operations Research from The George Washington University

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Professor Forman

Professor Ernest Forman

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